König K-Summit Pro

The most innovative external snow chain for busses and trucks, offering an easy, quick and clean mounting

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  • Lacking the typical components positioned behind the vehicle's wheel, the snow chain is comfortably fitted from the outer side of the wheel, allowing operating in such areas being easier to access and cleaner.
  • The chain get attached to the wheel itself by two specific brackets, pre-fitted onto the wheel at the beginning of the winter season and then dismounted at season's end.
  • The high resistance fixing straps ensure the requested tensile resistance and they are adjustable in lenght, allowing a proper fit on different offset wheel hubs
  • The special tensioning wheel engages a proprietary designed doubled-treaded device allowing a powerful yet effortless tensioning operation.
  • The cross-chain pattern includes special plastic plates and 5.60mm wire chain, manufactured in special alloy steel, hardened and galvanized to ensure the requested durability

Technical specifications

Internal flexible cable
Rigid arch fitting system
Warranty 5 years
SKU No 200KP5Kxxx

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